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2019 Forté: Lao Cultural Exchange Showcase

Join us for the culmination of our Lao Cultural Exchange at the 2019 Forté Showcase!

Forté is a showcase produced by the four masters from the Lao National School of Music and Dance and the Lao National Art Ensemble and performed by the students who participated in 2019 Kinnaly Summer Intensive and 2019 Lao Summer Camp. The show includes traditional Lao music, dance, song, and skits all taught and learned throughout our 2019 Lao Cultural Exchange.

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Our Programs

Kinnaly Troupe (january - june)

A Lao Traditional Music & Dance Troupe that meets every Sunday for traditional Lao music and dance classes. They perform throughout the year at various community events and festivals in addition to traveling for special events.

Cultural Exchange (july-august)

Our exchange program is in partnership with the Lao National School of Music & Dance in Vientiane, Laos. Four music and dance masters travel from Laos to Seattle to teach and train students in Lao traditional music and dance during our Kinnaly Summer Intensive and Lao Summer Camp. At the end of those programs, the masters produce Forté, a showcase highlighting various performances learned and taught during their time here.

Kinnaly Summer Intensive (july)

An advanced study program for our Kinnaly Troupe with four masters from the Lao National School of Music & Dance in part of our Cultural Exchange program.

Lao Summer Camp (august)

A two-week long Lao summer day-camp where youth ages 5 to 14 can learn and become immersed in Lao traditions, culture, music, and dance! There are no prerequisites to attend. We just ask that students come to camp with an open mind and a willingness to participate fully! Partnership with Wat Lao Mixayaram in Seattle, Washington.

Forté (august)

A showcase produced by the four masters from the Lao National School of Music and Dance and performed by all participants of Kinnaly Intensive and Lao Summer Camp, which highlights various performances (music, dance, song, skits, etc.) taught during their time here in part of our Cultural Exchange program.



What People are Saying

"The Seattle community has always had legendary leadership for the distinctive way that it incorporates culture, art, education and a sense of community service and professionalism in their daily lives. It was inspiring to see that in action as they generously opened their doors to community members from across the United States for the Lao American Writers Summit. The Pom Foundation/Kinnaly successfully partnered with the Lao Community Service Center, Highline College, and ANNAPISI, setting a magnificent example of collaboration we might all learn from."

Bryan Thao Worra

Co-Founder of Lao American Writers Summit and award winning writer/poet.

"The [cultural exchange program] is not merely a demonstration of these students’ skill; it is the result of a profound process of learning about their family ancestry, culture, language and belief. She also thanked the Lao government, particularly the Ministry of Information, Culture and Tourism, for its support in allowing the students from the foundation to undertake their cultural exchange."

Karen B. Stewart

United States Ambassador to Laos 2010-2013

"It is also overwhelming to see the students have concentrated on the studying in order to save and expand the Lao culture values and tradition from generation to generation."

Khamphuang Inthavong

Director of Lao National School of Music and Dance



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